Đề và gợi ý giải đề thi tuyển sinh lớp 10 chuyên môn Tiếng Anh TP Hồ Chí Minh năm học 2009-2010

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KỲ THI TUYỂN SINH LỚP 10 TRUNG HỌC PHỔ THÔNG NĂM HỌC 2009-2010, KHÓA NGÀY 24-6-2009 MÔN THI: TIẾNG ANH CHUYÊN (tại TP.HCM) (Thời gian làm bài: 120 phút, không kể thời gian giao đề)
1. Carbon emissions from airplanes and other pollutants ________ to global warming.
A. attribute  B. stem  C. contribute  D. spark
2. He was ________ with bribery after she offered to pay the policeman a sum of money to overlook the offence.
A. charged  B. accused  C. sued  D. suspected
3. Some endurance events may be rescheduled if such high pollution levels ________ a health risk to most athletes.
A. create  B. present  C. run  D. face
4. Improving the overall environmental quality is a long-term battle in which we do want the participation of everyone in society in order to ________ results.
A. realize  B. reap  C. bear  D. generate
5. Hundreds of people in the hardest-hit zone are at ________ from disease unless a tsunami-like aid effort is mobilized.
A. threat  B. menace  C. risk  D. danger
6. The result is impossible to predict with any degree of ________.
A. certainty  B. assurance  C. insurance  D. probability
7. Parents play a ________ role in a child’s upbringing in the formative years. They are really the driving force behind whatever the children do.
A. supporting  B. crucial  C. starring  D. title
8. With three days to ________ before the high school graduation examination, he had to digest such a lot of facts.
A. go  B. come  C. remain  D. spare
9. Television came into _________ and became a competitor with the motion pictures.
A. practice  B. enforcement  C. use  D. life
10. It’s a matter of life and death. As a consequence, we will give it serious ________.
A. review  B. thoughts  C. opinions  D. consideration
11. Without ________, natural resources will be used up within a hundred years.
A. preservation  B. maintenance  C. conservation  D. protection
12. Taking photographs in this world renowned museum is ________ forbidden.
A. absolutely  B. highly  C. seriously  D. strictly
13. The government stopped the local companies from importing fake milk powder ________ of public health.
A. in the interest   B. to the best   C. for the attention  D. on the safe side
14. ________ the hard evidence against him, the jury had no option but to find him guilty.
A. Given that  B. In view of  C. In regard to  D. With a view to
15. Those ballpoint pens are made in a large _______ of colors and styles.
A. series  B. range  C. collection  D. network
16. He promised me an Oxford dictionary and to my great joy, he ________ his word.
A. stood by  B. stuck at  C. went back on  D. held onto
17. The development of laser use is a major ________ in medicine.
A. breakaway  B. breakup  C. break-in  D. breakthrough
18. Don’t be ________ by misleading advertisements.
A. fooled around  B. taken in  C. put out  D. seen through
19. The management team came ________ criticism for the way they handled the situation.
A. in for  B. up with  C. up against  D. out in
20. We are running out of petrol so we’ll have to stop ________ at the next filling station.
A. over  B. off  C. by  D. in
21. Pete: Let me pay for the meal.                              Margaret: ________.
A. It’s on me  B. It’s my round  C. I’ll make it  D. Never remind me
22. Pete: If you ask me, action movies are great.            Margaret:__________ .
A. You can say that again!  B. Never mind!  C. That’s that.  D. Sure. It’s my pleasure.
23. Pete: What a fantastic cook you are, Margaret!                Margaret: ________.
A. Sorry, I don’t think so  B. No, no, it’s not true  C. It’s kind of you to say so  D. I’d prefer it                   
24. My mother has a ________ for a bargain.
A. big nose  B. fast foot  C. good eye  D. keen sense
25. One can’t help ________ compassion for the people who
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